AAC Block - 8 inch

AAC block - 8 inch
Load includes 1200 blocks approximately.
Below one load taxes extra.

600 to 1,199 Unit : 119
More Than 1,200 Unit : 118

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Minimum retail Quantity :600 Unit

AAC blocks means Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks also known as autoclaved cellular concrete (ACC)blocks, autoclaved lightweight concrete (ALC)blocks, autoclaved concrete blocks, cellular concrete blocks, porous concrete blocks.AAC is produced using no aggregate larger than sand. Quartz sand, calcined gypsum, lime (mineral) and/or cement and water are used as a binding agent. Aluminum powder is used at a rate of 0.05%–0.08% by volume (depending on the pre-specified density)The chemical reaction due to the aluminum paste provides AAC its distinct porous structure, lightness, and insulation properties, completely different compared to other lightweight concrete materials. The finished product is a 2.5 times lighter Block compared to conventional Bricks, while providing the similar strengths. The specific gravity stays around 0.6 to 0.65. This is one single most use of the AAC blocks, because by using these blocks in structural buildings, the builder saves around 30 to 35 % of structural steel, and concrete, as these blocks reduce the dead load on the building significantly.
Reduces overall construction cost by 2.5% as it requires less jointing and reduces need for cement.
Porous structure allows for superior fire resistance.
Workability allows accurate cutting, which minimizes the generation of solid waste during use.
Resource efficiency gives it lower environmental impact in all phases of its life cycle, from processing of raw materials to the disposal of waste.
Light weight saves cost & energy in tansportation, labor expenses.
Larger size blocks leads to faster masonry work.
Reduces the cost of the project.

  • 8.00 X 8.00 X 24.00
  • one size fits all
  • As per Manufacturer
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