Greenply Plywood BWP - 25mm

GreenPly gold Boiling waterproof Plywood.

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Greenply Industries Limited (GIL) is India's largest interior infrastructure company .Greenply markets the most comprehensive portfolio of residential and commercial floor products available - plywood & block boards, MDF and Wood floors under the brand names of Greenply Plywood, Green Club Ply, Ecotec, Green Panelmax, and Green Floormax.It stand at top when it comes to plywood and MDF boards.
Greenply BWP Block Board conforms to IS 1659, is Boiling water Proof and termite resistant. It is CE certified, eco-friendly and conforms to E1 Standards for Emission. It has a density of 0.60 gm/cc. With high dimensional stability & mechanical strength, Green BWP Block Board makes for a product that is cost effective and highly durable. Excellent screw holding capacity & ability to sustain form under wood working conditions, are the qualities that make it ideal for usage in partitions, cupboards, shelves, shutters, kitchens, etc.

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