ICP Water Tanks_5000Lts

Orange Colour Tank .
Capacity - 5000Ltrs
Double Layer.
Available in different sizes.- 500Ltrs to 10000Ltrs

1 to 10 Unit : 47,400
More Than 11 Unit : 47,300

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ICP Water tanks are made with Fiberglass Reinforced Polymers.
These material is high in strength, stiffness, rigidity.
They are also light in weight, resistant to corrosion.
Hygienic: ICP Water tanks are toxic free.Water does not smell or get heated in summer.
So that it can be used to store drinking water. Maintenance:Maintenance free and can be easily repaired in case of damage.
Colour:ICP Water tanks comes in different colour shades matching to the exteriors and interiors of the building.
Mobility:They are light in weight, unbreakable,hence can be easily shifted.

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