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KCP Cement

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KCP Cement - KCP’s Cement Business is over 60+ years with manufacturing plants in Macherla & Mukthyala in the state Andhra Pradesh with captive supply of high grade limestone and producing a combined annual capacity of 2.2 million tons of the finest quality premium grade cement in India.
Macherla Cement Works: Commissioned in 1958, it is one of India’s oldest cement plants and South India’s Ist dry process Kiln with technology from KHD Humboldt, Germany. Starting with an annual capacity of 200 tons, it has been gradually expanded and modernized to a current annual capacity of 0.8 million tons with additional technology from Fives Lille, France and later FL Smidth, Denmark (Fuller, USA). In 1999 and 8.25 MW Hydel Power Plant was setup on the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam right canal generating clean & sustainable power. A 2.3 MW Waste Heat Recovery Power plant was setup by utilizing waste fuel gases exhausted from the pre-heater and cooler chimneys.
Mukthyala Cement Works: A Greenfield plant setup in 2011 is one of India’s most modern, highly automated, cost efficient and Eco Friendly plant with an annual capacity 1.86 m tons expandable to 3 m tons. Built with world class Pyro processing technology from KHD Humboldt-Germany, Milling technology from GEBR Pfeifer-Germany and Plant Automation & Automated Packing technology from FLS Smidth-Denmark, world leaders in Cement plant technologies. The plant is also enhanced with Captive Power Generation of about 20 MW (Thermal & Solar).
53 Grade cement is used where high early strength in 1 to 28 days range is required. This cement is proposed mainly for RCC works, where a member takes high tensile stress. Design Strength for 28 days= 530 kg/ sq cm Strength. 53 grade cement attains early strength. Does not increase much after 28 days.

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