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Item Name Wholesale Price Retail Price
Cement Block - 4 Inch(A-Grade) 24.00 26.00
Cement Block - 8 Inch(A-Grade) 38.00 40.00
Cement Block - 6 Inch(A-Grade) 28.00 30.00
Cement Block - 4 Inch(B-Grade) 26.00 26.00
Cement Block - 8 Inch(B-Grade) 43.00 43.00
Cement Block - 6 Inch(B-Grade) 33.00 33.00
Cellular concrete blocks - 6 Inch 32.00 32.00
Cellular concrete blocks - 8 Inch 42.00 42.00

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Structural stability of a building is the top most priority of all home owners or construction managers. In order to ensure construction safety, you need to use best quality cement. Build Home Smart is one of most trusted online portals where you can find many reputed building construction material providers who can offer you the best cement block price. The expertise, the wealth of experience and dedication of our cement suppliers has placed them at the forefront of the construction industry.

Availability of different types of cement at reasonable cement block price

1. Rapid hardening cement: When you require rapid hard structure, quantity of water is less.
2. Low heat cement: This type of cement is mostly used in mass concrete construction.
3. Waterproof Portland cement: As the name suggests, this cement is used for water proofing.
4. Expansive cement: This cement is mainly used for grouting the anchor bolts and pre-stressed concrete ducts.
5. White cement: This cement is used in plumbing work and touch work after construction.
6. Colored cement: Due to many color combinations, it is used for interior and exterior decorative works.
7. Sulfate resisting cement: This type of cement is mainly used in the construction of the building foundation and also where subsoil contains very high proportions of sulfate.
8. Portland Pozzolana cement: It is highly resistant to the attacks of aggressive waters. You can use this type of cement for construction in sea water, hydraulic works and for mass concrete works at a very reasonable cement block price.

At Build Home Smart, our aim is to provide you innovative and one stop solutions for all your construction material needs. You will find all varieties and brands on our online portal which will not just suit your budget but also will be delivered on promised time.

We understand that construction procedures are cumbersome and time consuming for an average home owner. So, it will be a wise step to consult us for your cement buying requirements and for the right cement block price. Our reputation is based on continuous improvement in our service quality that is aimed to simplify your construction material purchases. We will ensure that you get the best cement price in Bangalore. For any queries, you can email us at