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Item Name Wholesale Price Retail Price
JK Super PPC Cement 272.00 272.00
Binani PPC Cement 275.00 275.00
Ambuja 53 Grade Cement 319.00 320.00
Ambuja 43 Grade Cement 319.00 321.00
Birla Shakthi 53 Grade Cement 320.00 325.00
Birla Shakthi 43 Grade Cement 320.00 325.00
Birla Shakti PPC Cement 320.00 325.00
Jaypee PPC Cement 325.00 330.00
Jaypeee 43 Grade Cement 325.00 330.00
JSW 53 Grade Cement 325.00 330.00
JSW PSC Cement 332.00 335.00
Dalmia PPC Cement 333.00 338.00
Zuari PPC cement 335.00 340.00
Dalmia 43Grade Cement 335.00 340.00
Dalmia 53 Grade Cement 335.00 340.00
Ramco PPC Cement 335.00 340.00
Zuari 53 Grade Cement 360.00 370.00
Zuari 43 Grade Cement 365.00 370.00
ACC PPC Cement 394.00 395.00
ACC 53 Grade Cement 397.00 402.00
ACC 43 Grade Cement 399.00 400.00
ACC Concrete Plus Cement 400.00 405.00

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Cement is one of the most important materials required for any construction project. It is the material that binds together the entire structure and determines the strength, stability, and durability of the building. There are various grades of cement available in India. To get the best value for your money, compare the construction material price online before you make your purchase. You can easily check out the cement price in Bangalore at Build Homes Smart. The cement price online depends on the grade and brand of the concrete materials. So, first you should have a good idea about the various cement grades to make an informed and economical purchase.
Portland cement is generally made of lime, silica, alumina, and ferric oxide. The percentage of each component depends on the type and brand of the cement. Limestone and clay (containing silica, alumina, and ferric oxide) are finely ground. To this fine powder, water is added to create a slurry. The slurry is then heated up to 1773 K in a rotary kiln. The entire mix melts to form what is called a “clinker”. After the clinker cools, a small amount of gypsum is added. The resulting material is called cement. The most common types of cement available in India are:
1. Ordinary Portland Cement – Grade 33
2. Ordinary Portland Cement – Grade 43
3. Ordinary Portland Cement – Grade 53
4. Portland Pozzolana Cement (Fly ash based)
5. Portland Pozzolana Cement (Calcine based)
6. High alumina cement
7. Rediset cement
8. Colored Cement- White cement
9. Oil well cement
10. Hydrophibic cement
11. Air entertaining cement
12. Portland Slag cement
13. Rapid hardening cement
14. Quick setting cement
15. Extra rapid hardening cement
The grades of the cement are rated based on the compressive strength of the cement. In most cases, the cement’s name describes its properties. The type and grade of cement can be chosen based on the construction. Most constructions, general masonry, and concrete works use grade 33 cement. Grade 43 and 53 cement is suitable for high-strength RCC constructions that need to withstand high tensile strength. Check cement prices online at Build Home Smart to get the best deals on cement price in Bangalore.