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Item Name Wholesale Price Retail Price
BMM Steel 47000.00 47500.00
SS Gold Steel 48000.00 48500.00
Agni Steel 48000.00 48500.00
Apex Steel 48000.00 48500.00
OM Sai Steel 49000.00 49500.00
Azad Steel 49500.00 50000.00
A1Steel 50300.00 50500.00
VRKPSteel 50300.00 50600.00
Gopala Steel 51300.00 51500.00
Kamdhenu Steel 52200.00 52500.00
Prime Gold Super X 52200.00 52500.00
Meenakshi Steel 52500.00 53000.00
Tirumala Steel 52500.00 53000.00
PrimeGold Steel 52700.00 53000.00
Sunvik Steel 53000.00 53700.00
SK Super Steel 54000.00 54500.00
Indus Steel 555D 56000.00 56400.00
Jindal Panther 59000.00 59500.00
Sail TMT Steel 59000.00 59500.00
Vizag Steel 59000.00 59500.00
Tata Steel 65000.00 65300.00

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The strength and stability of any building lies in its internal structure. Many engineers are using steel and cement to construct aesthetic buildings without compromising on the strength and durability. The unique properties of steel make it one of the most-used materials in the construction industry. At Build Home Smart, we bring together reputed construction material suppliers who offer affordable steel price in Bangalore so that you can buy steel online at reduced prices.
When you check the steel rate in Bangalore online, you will get a clear idea of the average rates across the country. So, when you contact the wholesale supplier, you will be in a better position to negotiate an economical steel price in Bangalore. Most builders and developers prefer affordable steel rate in Bangalore and use mild steel in their construction project. Though it is called mild, it has immense strength and durability. A 1-inch diameter steel rod has the capacity to hold up to 20,000 kg of weight. So, imagine how strong your building will be when you use good quality steel in the construction. Apart from its strength, another reason why steel is preferred for construction is because it give ample design freedom. You can use less steel in the construction design so that it features large open spaces. Moreover, when you use steel in the construction, you don’t have to worry about putting in load-bearing walls or intermediate columns to bear the weight of the structure. This opens more space for designing and gives you a more aesthetic finish. At Build Home Smart, we have steel for all sectors and we also ensure to provide the lowest steel rate in Bangalore.
Steel is easy to work with. Huge steel frames can be set up out of site and then brought to the construction site. This will reduce construction time and also improve safety and work performance. So, you can complete even large construction projects in a shorter span of time. Steel infrastructure also reduces the overall weight of the building. So, it means less stress on the land. Plus, it also decreases land excavation. So, on the whole, steel infrastructure helps in cost cutting and increases work efficiency and speed.
Build Home Smart makes it easy for you to get the best steel rate in Bangalore. Check out steel price online to get the lowest steel price in Bangalore.