Plan Approval

We deliver building plan approvals for house construction or land conversion or khata to your doorstep at lower cost.
Charges vary based on plot area, number of kitchens and type of property.
Contact Us for the following plan approvals:

  1. BBMP Plan Approval
  2. BDA Plan Approval
  3. BMRDA Plan Approval
  4. BMICP Plan Approval

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Did you know that you should get house plan approval before you start the building construction? Each state government in India has its own set of rules and regulations that clearly describe the forms, documents, and procedure required to get the approval. So, you need to know the procedure in your state to get the building plan approval.

Getting house plan approval from the concerned authorities is not an easy job. You may think it’s just a signature, but there are so many procedures involved in the government office. Moreover, you will have to submit documents of the property and other certifications required for getting the approval. The government selects certain civil engineers and architects who are authorized to evaluate your building plan and give their approval. It is only after you get the authorization from the engineers that you will be able to submit the plan to the government authorities.

The whole process can take a lot of time. So, unless you are working from home or an employee with flexible work hours, you will find it difficult to get the house plan approval. Build Home Smart is a unique online platform that brings together everyone in the construction industry. So, you can easily find out details about authorized engineers and architects or buy house construction materials online at our platform.

At Build Smart Homes, we have experts from the construction industry. So, if you advice and suggestions from the professionals about various aspects of building construction, we will help you find the right people. You can learn all about government approval process or find engineers to create your building plan on our website. We know how tedious and time consuming it can be to complete a particular task in a government office. We are there to provide all assistance to make it easier and faster.

Build Smart Home offers a host of other services apart from getting house plan approval. We can also help you get water and electricity connection by helping you fill the right forms and applications. If you want to buy building materials online at the best prices, we will help you find the best dealers in your locality. Come online and connect with the right people in the construction industry.