House Construction Activities and Process Steps

    1. Plot Purchase

  • First step in house construction is purchase of plot in your desired location and budget. To arrive at budget for the plot purchase, use this formula:
    Budget for plot purchase = Total budget - (Builtup area x cost per sft). At present construction cost in Bangalore is around 1500 Rs / sft. For customized plot search you can submit your request here..
  • 2. Plan Approval

  • Once you have purchased a plot, you have to get building plan approval. It is BBMP plan approval or BDA plan approval or BMRDA plan approval or BMICP plan or corresponding city plan approval depending on the zone your plot falls under. For help in building construction plan approval, you can submit your request here..
  • 3. Apply for Loan

  • After obtaining plan approval from BBMP or BDA or BMRDA or BMICP, apply for loan if required. For help in applying for loan, submit your request here..
  • 4. Select an Architect for House construction

  • Selecting a right Architect for house construction is very important which will improve construction quality and even reduce overall cost as Architect suggests right material selection and right quantity. For help in finding Best Architect in Bangalore with in your budget submit your request here..
  • 5. Architecture Drawings

  • Architect will provide 3 to 4 different plans based on your inputs. Finalize appropriate plan based on your needs and wants. For help in Architecture drawings submit your request here..
  • 6. Finalize Contractor - Material vs Labour

  • Selecting a right contractor for building construction is also equally important as overall construction quality depends on the contractor. We help you in selecting best contractor for house construction in Bangalore. Submit your request here..
  • 7. Borewell

  • If you are going for drilling a borewell, this will be the time to do it. Kannan, Ganga, Bhagirathi, Annapoorneshwari, Aditi are leading borewells in Bangalore.
  • 8. Temporary electrical connection

  • Apply for temporary electrical connection in Bangalore for Shed and construction purposes. Generally line man of that area can get it done and will also pay those bills at some nominal fee. You can also submit your request here..
  • 9. Shed

  • Construct temporary shed for the watchman and materials. Once you finalize the Contractor, he will get this done using cement blocks/bricks and asbestos sheets.
  • 10. Which Steel, Cement, Blocks/Bricks?

  • Selecting the brand of Steel and Cement will impact cost and quality. Also decide whether to use cement blocks or bricks. For help on this, refer our material buying guide here.
  • 11. Finalize material vendors - steel, cement, sand, jelly, cement blocks / bricks

  • Select genuine vendors of Steel, Cement, Sand, Jelly, Cement blocks / Bricks. Else you will end up paying more for the materials or might have poor quality material. We undertake complete building material supply at lowest cost and best quality in Bangalore. Buy online all building construction materials at lowest cost and best quality at Buy Cement, Steel, Sand, Cement Blocks online at lowest prices here For Steel price, Cement price, Cement blocks price login to
  • 12. Daily visits

  • Do not miss the daily visits to the construction site to monitor the progress. This is even more important if you are going with labour contract to check the progress, construction quality and ensure there is no misuse of materials.
  • 13. Periodic visit by architect

  • If Architect is not entrusted with complete construction work, atleast ensure that the Architect visits the site at appropriate stages like Marking, Footing, Moulding. This is very important to ensure the quality of construction.
  • 14. RMC vs Gang work

  • Lately people are increasingly using RMC instead of manual Gang work for concrete purposes. Because there are certain issues with Gang work. Even though we provide quality materials like cement, jelly, sand for concrete mixing, Gang work labourers do not maintain consistency in the ratio of mixing materials suggested to them. It is difficult to ensure the proper mixing ratio and we need to have one person at the gang work site to ensure the proper mixing ratio. Also manual gang work is time consuming and generally takes entire day for one moulding on 2400 sft site. To be fair, even RMC has some drawbacks. If RMC company is not reliable then their concrete quality is low. They might end up mixing filter sand or more stone dust without ensure proper mixing ratio. So it is advisable to go with reputed RMC vendors.
  • 16. Finishing stage

  • Before plastering stage, finalize on the vendors for electrical, plumbing, sanitary, flooring and paint. As these items are expensive, if proper vendor is not selected, you will end up spending more and increase construction cost. BuildHomeSmart supplies electrical, plumbing, sanitary, flooring and paint items at wholesale prices. You can place your order online for electrical, plumbing, sanitary, flooring and paint materials here.
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  • 17. Wood Doors

  • There are multiple options for wooden doors like manually made wooden doors, flush doors, skin doors. Generally Main doors and Pooja doors are made manually by carpenter as they use teak wood or honne or other high quality wood. It is better to buy wood logs at least couple of months in advance so that enough seasoning of wood done. This will ensure that the wood will not bend after the doors and windows are made. To reduce the construction cost, people are increasingly using flush doors or skin doors which give reasonable life for inhouse purposes where there is no contact with water or sunlight. In case of bathrooms where there is exposure to water, use of PVC doors is common. Shop for flush doors or skin doors or PVC doors online at
  • 18. Windows

  • Windows can be made using wood or Aluminium or UPVC. There are many big vendors for UPVC windows like Fenesta and LG.
  • 19. Granite vs marble vs vitrified tiles flooring

  • Granite is a hard rock and has high durability but lesser appeal and ventilation as it is mostly of dark colours. Marble is porous and cold. It is hard to maintain but has very good appeal because of its rich look and light/pleasant colours. Vitrified tiles are cost effective and have pleasant glossy finish. But they are very brittle and susceptible to breakage. Online shopping of vitrified tiles at lowest prices at
  • 20. SS / MS railings

  • SS Railing are generally used for elevation and duplex house steps. They are pleasant looking but expensive. MS railings are cost effective and used for outer stairs.
  • 21. Modular Kitchen

  • Modular kitchen is the term used for modern kitchens that are designed and constructed in modules, usually in standard sizes. These modules are assembled together forming cabinets resulting in a functionally designed kitchen. The modules can be easily installed without any mess in your kitchen. One can customize their modular kitchen as per the kitchen size and their kitchen requirements. You can place your request for best modular kitchens at lowest price at
  • 22. Interiors

  • Interiors include wood work for TV/Entertainment unit, Living room wood work, wardrobe wood work and cots for bed room and false ceiling. You can place your request for best interiors at lowest price at
  • 23. Solar water heater

  • Online sale of best solar water heater and price for solar water heater at
  • 24. Power backup

  • During electrical work, plan for power backup like generator or UPS. Doing this at later stage is expensive and troublesome.
  • 25. Transformer

  • Bescom has come up with new guidelines which enforce house owners to setup their own transformer if power usage is 25KW or more or where area of site is more than 600 Sq. Mtr. For details
  • 26. House Construction Cost

  • House construction cost at present in Bangalore varies from 1200 Rs/sft to 2000 Rs/sft depending on the type of material used and if it is labour or material contract. BuildHomeSmart brings down the construction cost by upto 20% using effective management and procurement process. To know more on how to reduce the construction cost call us or post your request at